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Montreal, September 27, 2004

CinéOké II - Send us your favourite scenes

The Montreal Festival of Nouveau Cinema is pleased to present CinéOké II, a follow-up to the smashing success of the inaugural Montreal movie-karaoke event held at Magnifico this summer. The event will take place in Ex-Centris' Fellini Cabaret on October 23.

CinéOké invites you to come sing to the sound of music, or listen to the silence of the lambs. As a movie buff, this is your chance to step over to the other side of the big screen. The idea is simple: in a festive spirit (and without too much seriousness!), an audience member chooses a 3-to-5 minute scene from a list of available films and acts it out, alone or with a friend, while the original is shown on the big screen behind them. To encourage people to join in on the spur of the moment, and to guard against lines getting lost, subtitles are shown on a monitor visible to the budding star.

It's a chance to share your passion of the movies. Put together a cinematic menu fit for Babette's feast! The evening's list will be spiced with your suggestions, making this an event cooked up by and for its audience. To participate in this evening that resembles a cold buffet only in its diversity, send us a word or two about wrathful grapes or pulpy fictions...

Don't wait, send your favourite movie scenes, ones you'd like to play or see others play, to [email protected]. Dare to get up there and act for your future fans - and dress the part if you want!

CinéOké is organized and hosted by actress Elyzabeth Walling.

The Montreal Festival of Nouveau Cinema is made possible by the financial support of SODEC, Telefilm Canada, the government of Quebec, the government of Canada, the City of Montreal, Tourisme Montreal and the Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology.

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