St. Patrick's Day in Montreal, Quebec

183rd Parade since 1824 to take place on March 18, 2007

Montreal has been celebrating St-Patrick with its Irish community for as long as they've been here. The first official parade took place in 1824! So this year's parade will be the 183rd consecutive edition. And, NO BLARNEY, the sun was shining each and every time!

The 2002 St. Patrick's Day Parade will be held on Sunday, March 18, 2007 at 12:00 Noon. It will start at the corner of Sainte-Catherine Street West and Fort Street, and will go eastward on Sainte-Catherine Street to Saint-Urbain Street.

Note that the sidewalks along the parade are always full of Irish people because on the day of the St. Patrick's Parade in Montréal, everybody's Irish and everybody has to speak either Irish or English. Otherwise, you might as well stay home.

One more thing: along with your great big smile, don't forget to wear something green! Light green, dark green, forest green, apple green, tender green, leaf green, all greens are good. Please everybody adapt to the Irish!

Car Traffic Information
As usual there will be street closures in the area until parade ends. Take the metro! Guy-Concordia, Peel, McGill and Place des Arts stations will all hit the spot... Even more so if you hit the local pubs with the gang afterwards.

Cette annonce est une gracieuseté de

This is a free announcement from who would like to encourage all locals to make an effort and learn the French language.
Queen Elisabeth II did it,
so can you!

A Little Montreal Irish History
The Irish are one of the nations that contributed to Montreal's growth. Many immigrants came to Quebec from Ireland following a famine in their home land. Many of them had to stop over on an island due to illness on home land ships. This left numerous children without parents. These orphans remained Irish even when adopted by the local FFRENCH community.

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