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ServicesMontreal.com is a totally independent web site.  

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ServicesMontreal.com was developed from a hobby after studying computer networks and discovering the world wide web in the mid-90s. Our visitors now come from all over and their numbers are over 10 times higher than we used to compute on the old Montreal.About.com site which was closed down along with 99% of Canadian and British sites as well as numerous USA city sites following the events of September 11, 2001.

If more than one language version of an article is published, the translation is absolutely not a word for word business. The content may even vary according to information already available on this site in each language.

ServicesMontreal.com is not subsidised by the government nor is it part of any large organisation, or have any political ties. This is good news: it means we are not controlled by our announcers or by government corruptions of any kind. If you wish, you can help us by using the various services offered by web affiliations. Donations are accepted via Paypal. Publicity could be inserted under certain conditions. Contents and conditions can be changed without notice. Kindly email us (change the .a. for an @).

Services offered, i.e. French and English language training as well as web affiliations, provide financing for the art and culture e-zine.


We do our best to publish quality feature articles and to include well-related links. Should you be confronted with a dead link, do not hesitate to let us know.

Photo credits are given to owners when applicable. Permission to use them can be given if the following credit notice and link are provided : Photo ServicesMontreal.com. Kindly let us know.

Collaboration with this web site is possible but has to be on a volunteer basis. Full credit is given to people whose articles are published in the site. Therefore if someone collaborates with ServicesMontreal.com then you'll find their name, email, phone, or something to identify them somewhere in here. On the other hand, if someone says they do and you don't find any mention of them, please contact the Editor.

Editor and Webmaster

ServicesMontreal.com can help you learn or improve your French language ability. Check out feature articles in French. What's On calendars provide current and upcoming festivals, concerts, shows and other events, click on either links below:

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For translations or French lessons contact us at : info.a.servicesmontreal.com (replace the ".a." with the usual "@" in the email address)

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